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Maple Avenue Family Dentistry


“Dr. Jernigan is truly a top-notch professional. The technology used in his office is leaps and bounds more sophisticated than what I’ve experienced in other dental offices in the Uptown area (and I’ve been to several “upscale” dental locations). I have recommended to all my employees that they make an appointment to see Dr. Jernigan – he is THAT great.”

– Anonymous Patient

“He is AWESOME! My kids won’t go anywhere else.”

– Jesse R.

“Best dentist I have ever been to.”

– Rikki C.

“Awesome doctor visit!”

– Anonymous Patient

“Dr. Jernigan was very professional, knowledgable, and gentle. He took special care to explain procedures in detail. The ladies in the office were also extremely welcoming and professional. I absolutely recomend Dr. Jernigan!”

– Kelsey K.


– Latasha P.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Jernigan and his entire staff!! My appointment was quick and to the point, but it was also very informative!”

– Lindsey F.

“I had a wonderful visit. No wait time, thorough examination and very pleasant staff!”

– Bahar H.

“This was my first visit to the dentist’s office in a long time so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Dr. Jernigan was very polite, respectful and honest. Not only did he actually want to hear what all was going on with me, he was thorough and explained everything to me in a way that was easily understandable. Going over what needed to be done and the prices were never so easy. I strongly recommend him. The office gave off the good vibes that took the edge off. I felt at home and that’s what I was looking for.”

– Tyler R.

“This was a great experience! The staff was so nice and welcoming and Dr. Jernigan was great. I had a lot of work to be done and they accommodated my by staying through their lunch break to make sure everything was completed. Dr. Jernigan showed me pictures of my teeth and took me through what he was going to do step by step. He also kept me informed throughout the procedure on what he was doing. The facilities are very nice with TV’s in each room. I will definitely be back and recommend to anyone looking for a dentist! ”

– Katherine D.

“Everyone there was very nice. Dr. Jernigan was very informative and professional. All around great experience!!”

– Anonymous Patient

“Great dentist office. Flexible hours and very helpful office staff. I had to make an appointment on short notice and I was able to get in the next morning. They also offer free whitening if you are a current patient and have a PPO dental plan.”

– Andrew S.

“I saw Dr. Jernigan, who was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. As was the staff. My experience at Ross Avenue Family Dentistry was pleasant, and I will be going back.”

– Nadia H.

“Super amazing friendly staff!  I actually hate going to the dentist–I mean, who enjoys it?  But these guys are great and I will definitely keep returning!

They did a great job on my first visit explaining how to keep my teeth in great shape.  Believe it or not, I actually floss now.  He’s so good, he convinced me to floss regularly after 32 years of being a non-flosser. This is the 6th dentist I’ve visited in my lifetime and he’s definitely the best.  My teeth have never been whiter or cleaner.  I’m planning on moving to the Carrollton area, but will be making the drive into see him instead of switching to a closer dentist.

Office is clean and everything looks new/top of the line without being overly flashy/fancy.  Convenient hours too!”

– Jessica B.

Ross Avenue Family Dentistry


“He was fantastic! He’s so excited to be your dentist, he was kind and informative, thorough and timely. I highly recommend him.”

– Melissa M.

“The dentist is a rare find. He’s warm, thorough, and caring. He so informative with his work, which makes him easy to trust. His staff are also equally wonderful. I’m a patient for life (well, for as long as I live in Dallas!).”

– Anonymous Patient

“Always a great experience with the dentist and his staff! He takes his time to explain and discuss things in detail. Plus there’s always classic movies playing! Haha”

– Tabitha G.

“The dentist had me in and out in about an hour with fillings and impressions for my whitening trays. He even discussed my concerns and assured me that he would do everything to make sure I was taken care of. Thanks again!”

– Sarah I.

“The dentist was very thorough. He asked me what my concerns were and addressed them in a comforting and understandable matter. His assistant was very sweet and made sure I was comfortable. His front desk staff was wonderful as well. I’m already raving about him to my friends! I hope to see them at the office too!”

– Sarah I.

“Amazing dentist; highly recommend. No up-selling or issues.”

– Jeffrey H.

“I visited the Maple office initially and had a very long wait time, but Ross office experience was perfect. The staff was friendly and helpful and made me feel at ease. I’d recommend the dentist to anyone seeking dental services- he is honest and will explain everything thoroughly. Most dentists try to push their services, but not this one; he’s one of the best dentists I’ve been to!”

– Anonymous Patient

“Waited about 30 minutes to see the dentist, but the appointment was quick and he’s always easy to talk with and ask any questions I may have!”

– Angelique W.

“The dentist is incredibly committed to patient education and establishing a rapport and relationship with his patients. He took a tremendous amount of time (~1hour) to do initial evaluation and provide treatment recommendations and education to me. Very attentive, pleasant, professional and caring. The service I received was fantastic. Even though the office doesn’t have a dental hygienist, his staff provide initial teeth cleaning, and the dentist removes thicker plaques and stains himself with their high-tech equipment. Short wait time to get into the office. Fantastic atmosphere, service and expertise. Will recommend to all my friends and family!”

– Anonymous Patient

“a very good experience and a very helpful at the front office every body haves alot of knowledge in what they do. The dentist was extremely nice to me and head a great communication Wheth me .I definitely recommend the doc as your dentist thank you all for all your help today.”

– Wilson C.

“The dentist was very thorough when going over my x-rays. He was extremely informative and professional! Great bedside manners as well!”

– Jasmine A.

“The dentist & staff were great! Very easy to talk to and more importantly, informative. Quick service, concrete knowledge and a compassion to help is what I took away from my experience. I highly recommend them to anyone reading these reviews.”

– Shevin S.

“The reception area was super comfy and clean. Claudia was so sweet and professional upon greeting us. My teen daughter said the dentist was very informative with what he was doing and the procedures that would be needed. I would recommend this office to my friends in the downtown area for convenience.”

– Anonymous Patient

“Great bedside demeanor. Explains everything he’s doing. Answers all questions. Best dentist I have been”

– Edward S.

“It was refreshing to have a dentist that actually cared about how I care for my teeth and gums. He was informative on why they do the procedures they do, actual information on how to properly floss and how often. It was clear that he cares about what he does, and wants to build his clientele, but was not pushy at all!”

– Anonymous Patient

“Friendliest dentist I have ever been to. He really took the time to discuss my teeth and answer any questions I had. Have already recommended to my coworkers.”

– Anonymous Patient

“The dentist takes pride in explaining and building a relationship with his patients. The staff is friendly and I would recommend Ross Family Dental to a friend.”

– Karlyn F.

“The doctor was great and explained everything. If I lived here I would make my primary dentist”

– Steve H.

“This doctor sets a high standard for how all doctors should be. Extremely personable, knowledgeable, and informative. I’m absolutely, positively, a patient for as long as I live in this town! Keep up the excellent work!”

– Brewa K.

“Would recommend this dentist to anyone. He is attentive explains what needs to be done now or what should be done in the future and why.”

– Rhonda F.

“Absolutely wonderful. Explained things to me so that I understood them. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they were watching Spice World in the office.”

– Rena H.

“The dentist was the nicest and most informative dentist I have ever seen. He took the time to fully explain my x-rays and go over problem areas we needed to adress and time lines. He also cleaned my teeth better than any dentist. His nursea and office staff are also very nice inviting and informative.”

– Anonymous Patient

“A good, well-run practice. The dentist is thorough, approachable, and takes the time to discuss one’s teeth. A few small suggestions, based on my experience with other dentists, include providing tinted glasses for those sensitive to the overhead light; and making sure the assistants routinely offer patients the opportunity to rinse after the initial part of cleaning. (Perhaps I’m spoiled.) All staff were friendly, professional, and efficient.”

– Yong B.

“The dentist has a very amiable personality and is helpful in explaining everything going on. He wants to make sure you’re knowledgeable about dental health and inform you as to why he is making certain decisions. The staff was also very pleasant.”

– Angelique W.

“Great in every way. The staff, the dentist, the location too. I parked a couple of feet front the front door. It seemed to have lots of parking available. All the equipment was really cool and made it easy for me to see and understand my issues with my teeth.”

– Serena B.

“Beautiful office, his staff are very pleasant and the dentist knows his stuff! I will definitely recommend all of my friends and coworkers to him.”

– Anonymous Patient

“Great doctor and staff are professional. They’re great at what they do! My issue was fixed instantly. They listened to my wants/needs and also talked to me about other concerns. They don’t force any procedure on you and that’s a big plus for me. Great experience overall!”

– Carla P.

“The dentist was by far one of the BEST dentist I have ever been to. Coming from living in California and just moving to Dallas I am so happy I chose him as my dentist. He explained everything about my teeth and made me feel comfortable about the recommendations he had. I am very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism and HIGHLY recommend him to my family and friends!”

– Jessica C.



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